Diablo 3 Review

Diablo 3 Review

Did you believe the hype?  Do you feel you were let down?  Diablo 3 could of still been classified as a Beta at launch!  Don’t get me wrong based off of what you just read you have to buy this game if  you have not played it because it is amazing and is worth all the hours that you will get out of it(jump to summary to pass the rant that follows and everything wrong with the game).  There are just many points that Blizzard needed to fine tune before they released them game to balance it out let alone the RMAH which could be the whole reason they rushed the game.

With a PC launch record for games bought Diablo 3 easily came out on top!

Guess what happens when you have a game with record sales and it is required that you play online on their servers?  Well the serves crash and have errors galore!  That is what essentially happened for the first couple days between having the servers down for maintenance or other amazing fun you could sit and look at the login screen and pray that the serves came up and you could log in.  Sound like fun yet?  They eventually fixed that but why didn’t they just make it an offline game?

RMAH – Real Money Auction House and GMAH – Gold Money AH

This had to be the main reason behind them forcing you to play online?  So that they could try to keep hackers and botters to a minimum and monitor everything in game.  This essentially didn’t work based on all the news in the forums of botters.  There was even a Youtube video at one point showing how someone was running several versions of the game to farm items to sell and make money!  Sine the game came out there was an issue with the economy of the game but you can play through the game easily until you get to Inferno mode in which case you would have to be extremely lucky or sell out and buy items from the AH.
A few months after they had finally gotten the majority of glitches under control for the game out came they finally released the RMAH with a standard set price you could buy gold from Blizzard. Millions at a time for a mere few dollars.  Less than you could buy it from botters and third party sites.  I personally never bought any times as I could buy everything from the GMAH easily after buying and selling a few items it was easy to make money.
They essentially should of increased drops and just gotten rid of the AH’s all together to make it a more friendly game and so much simpler.


Time to possibly upgrade your graphics card if you haven’t in a while because this game could potentially tax it.  Surprised since it is a simple dungeon crawler with a simple over head cam view? Me too!  I didn’t have the greatest set up to play this game but I barely made it though at 10 fps and all my settings on low and heaven help me if I had to many bad guys on the screen at once.  The graphics were nice though even on the low settings and if you are an extreme gamer with a great computer you will have a much more enjoyable time seeing pretty colors especially on the hidden Horse Level!

Game Play

Like going it alone?  That is good because when the game first came out that was the only way to beat it.  They thought it would be a good idea when they first released the game that if you wanted to team up with other members they should bump up the difficulty by more than 100% per person essentially making it harder to have more people.  I found this to be very annoying as I spent almost the entire game in a group with friends.
Make sure to invest in a good mouse with great clicking features as you will be spamming the mouse button the whole game to hack and slash your way through bad guys but I assume you already knew that!


With several characters to choose from there is really only one build that works with each character if you want to go all the way and beat the game on Inferno.  Head to the forums to find out which characters are the best with the current patch and what the build is it will save you a lot of time.  I played a level 60 monk, demon hunter, and barb and the barb won hands down after all the final nerfing they did each patch.  A good combo for grouping is a ranged and a melee.  As there are no real tanks in this game the ranged seemed really squishy no matter what and they will do a lot of running so they will truly be “Glass Cannons”.


With over 100 hours easily invested into this game it is a must have for any RPG fan especially a Diablo fan.  You will want to play through the game all 4 times at least with a character just to see if you can beat it.  If you are like me you will also spend countless hours trying to amass millions in gold for the AH to actually get enough DPS to beat this game.  Once you have conquered the game though its over and there is nothing left so just move on and read one of my other reviews and pick up one of those games!