How to Fix Iphone 5s Bootloop Issue and Problem

How to Fix Iphone 5s Bootloop Issue and ProblemHow to Fix Iphone 5s Bootloop Issue and Problem. If you are constantly seeing the Iphone’s boot up screen over and over then you have an issue. Hopefully I can offer you a solution though and your phone is not completely bricked. First we are going to need to turn of the constantly rebooting IPhone. Do this now by holding down the power button. If that doesn’t work hold down the power button and home button for at least 5 seconds to get it to shut down.
First we will try to restart the phone in safe mode by turning the phone back on but also holding up on the arrow key. If this does not work there is one other option for you and that is to connect your phone to your computer and boot up itunes. We will try to restore the phone. With the phone connected and turned off. Turn the phone on while holding the home key for 10 seconds. Continue to hold the home key and itunes should recognize your phone hopefully allowing you to restore your phone.