How to get Free Online Votes and Likes with FragReview Vote Exchange Forum

Are you currently engaged in an online contest that can be found on Facebook?   Need that extra edge to win?  Then you need to post in the FragReview Vote Exchange.  This forum allows you to post your contest and ask for votes and in return you vote for others.  The more active that you are in the forums and returning votes of others the more votes you will notice.  The protocol for posting in the Vote Exchange forum on this site is to make a single post with the information on the contest that you are in, who to vote for, and when it ends.  There is a sticky post in the forum for you to read before posting.  Limit to one post as others will be deleted and you may be banned.

How to get Free Online Votes and Likes with FragReview Vote Exchange ForumTips on using the Vote Exchange

 1. Always return the favor of votes.  This allows for your post to be more active and will stay near the top of the list more as they are based on date and activity amount.

2. Be courteous in the Vote Exchange Forum to others.  You may run into someone else in the same contest.  Do not be rude or try to undermine anyone.  There are lots of Vote Exchanges out there where you can also post your contest.

3. Be aware of your contest rules and regulations as Vote Exchanges may be banned and you will be posting at your own risk if that is the case.  Normally someone would have to be in the same contest and turn you in for you to be caught in my experience as only some contests are even monitored and smaller company contests might not have it in their rules that it’s illegal.

Link to Youtube FragReview Vote Exchange Video

And remember best of luck!