Google Gmail Shelfie April Fools


Google Gmail Shelfie for April Fools

Have you logged into your Gmail today?  Did you sign up for the new Gmail Shelfie which is a Selfie them for your Gmail account.

A Shelfie is a Shareable #Selfie.

Set your own photo as a Shelfie or see whatever one else is sharing as their #selfies. They continuously rotate in your background of other people’s pictures. There are about a million things that I would rather see then random people making crazy faces though.

Since #Selfies have been the latest craze especially if you have seen the Youtube video #Selfie you know what I am talking about.

Make sure to activate the Gmail Shelfie today because who knows if it will only be around today.  I feel like this is less of an April Fool’s joke and more of a unique feature that they added as a theme.  I think past Google April Fools have been better.

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