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Here is a list of the Halo Mega Bloks Series 1 Codes that I have been able to compile so far.  If you find any other codes please let us know and we will add them to the list so that we can have a complete database.

Green UNSC Spartan 2 series 1Green UNSC Spartan II [Common]

A02060MM, A02070MM, A02080MM, A01120MM

Yellow UNSC Flame Marine Series 1Yellow UNSC Flamethrower Marine[Common]

A03060MM, A03070MM, A03080MM, A02120MM

Red UNSC MarineRed UNSC Marine [Common]

A04060MM, A05070MM, A04080MM, A03120MM

Green UNSC Pilot Series 1Green UNSC Pilot [Common]

A05060MM, A06070MM, A05080MM, A04120MM

Purple Covenant ElitePurple Elite Combat [Common]

A07060MM, A07070MM, A06080MM, A06120MM

Blue Hayabusa Spartan series 1Blue Spartan Hayabusa [Rare]

A08060MM, A08070MM, A07080MM, A07120MM

Green Covenant Elite series 1Green Covenant Elite [Rare]

A09060MM, A09070MM, A09080MM, A08120MM

Active-Camo UNSC Spartan 2 series 1Active Camo UNSC Spartan II [Ultra Rare]

A10060MM, A10070MM, A10080MM, A09120MM

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