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Below you will find a list of the Halo Mega Bloks Series 2 Codes that we have compiled so far.  If you run across different codes or information leave a comment and I will update it to help create a better database for the community.

Red UNSC Spartan series 2Red UNSC Spartan II with Carbine (Common)

A02090MM, A06100MM, A01110MM, A01120MM, A03011MM, A01031MM



Blue UNSC Flame Marine Series 2Blue UNSC Flame Marine with Flamethrower (Common)

A03090MM, A07100MM, A02110MM, A02120MM, A04011MM, A02031MM



Green UNSC Pilot series 2Green UNSC Pilot Marine with Assault Rifle (Common)

A04090MM, A08100MM, A03110MM, A03120MM, A05011MM, A03031MM



Copper Elite Flight Series 2Copper Elite Flight with Beam Rifle (Common)

A06090MM, A09100MM, A04110MM, A04120MM, A06011MM, A04031MM




Purple Covenant Brute Series 2Purple Covenant Brute with Spiker (Common)

A07090MM, A11100MM, A05110MM, A06120MM, A07011MM, A05031MM




Pink Hayabusa Spartan series 2Pink Hayabusa Spartan with Katana Sword (Rare)

A08090MM, A12100MM, A06110MM, A07120MM, A08011MM, A07031MM




Purple UNSC Spartan Series 2Purple UNSC Spartan with Brute Shot (Rare)

A09090MM, A13100MM, A08110MM, A08120MM, A10011MM, A09031MM

Active Camo UNSC Flame Marine Series 2Active-Camo UNSC Flame Marine with Flamethrower (Ultra Rare)

A10090MM, A14100MM, A09110MM, A09120MM, A11011MM, A10031MM
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