Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 Codes Blind Bags Blind Packs Mystery Figures

Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 Mystery Bag

Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 Codes Blind Bags/Blind Packs with Mystery Figures are finally here.  Get the new list of codes so you can collect all the figures!  Help us keep them updated with your new codes that you find.

Locate the codes on the back of your bag embossed into the side.  Some are harder to read then others.

Yellow UNSC Marine Series 3Yellow UNSC Marine with assault rifle [Common]

A08091MM, A09031MM, A09041MM, A09071MM, A09081MM, A10061MM, A11051MM, A19101MM, A22081MM



Arctic UNSC Pilot Series 3UNSC Arctic Pilot with pistol [Common]

A04031MM, A05081MM, A06041MM, A06071MM, A07051MM, A07061MM, A14101MM, A18081MM, A20091MM



Orange UNSC Spartan Series 3Orange UNSC Spartan with spiker [Common]

A01030MM, A01041MM, A02061MM, A02071MM, A02081MM, A04051MM, A10101MM, A01091MM, A15081MM, A16091MM



Blue Covenant Brute Series 3Blue Brute with Mauler [Common]

A05031MM, A06081MM, A07041MM, A07071MM, A08061MM, A09051MM, A17101MM, A19081MM, A21091MM



Copper Covenant Grunts Series 3


2 Copper Grunts with needler and grenade[Common]

A03031MM, A03091MM, A04041MM, A04061MM, A04081MM, A05071MM, A06051MM, A13101MM, A17081MM, A19091MM



Yellow Covenant Elite Pilot Series 3Yellow Elite Pilot with Energy Sword [Rare]

A07031MM, A07091MM, A08041MM, A08071MM, A08081MM, A09061MM, A10051MM, A18101MM, A20081MM, A22091MM



Cyan UNSC CQB Spartan Series 3Cyan CQB with pistol [Rare]

A02031MM, A02041MM, A03061MM, A03081MM, A04071MM, A05051MM, A12101MM, A16081MM, A17091MM



Active Camo Covenant Elite Series 3Active-Camo Elite Combat with energy sword [Ultra-Rare]

A09091MM, A10031MM, A10081MM, A11041MM, A11061MM, A11071MM, A12051MM, A20101MM, A23081MM, A24091MM



Halo Mega Bloks Series 3 Set List