Halo Mega Bloks Series 5 Codes Blind Bags Blind Packs Mystery Figures

Halo Mega Bloks Series 5.5 set list


The new Halo Mega Bloks Series 5.5 Codes Blind Bags Blind Packs with Mystery Figures are finally here. Get the new list of codes so you can collect all the figures!  Help us keep them updated with your new codes also.

Green UNSC Spartan Mark VI [Common] — A02052MM, A01032MM, A01032MM

Cobalt UNSC Marine [Common] — A03052MM, A02032MM, A02032MM

Yellow UNSC Marine [Common] — A04052MM, A05032MM, A05032MM

Purple Elite Combat [Common] — A07052MM, A06032MM, A06032MM

Copper Covenant Grunt [Common] — A07032MM, A07032MM

UNSC Arctic Spartan CQB — A09052MM, A08032MM, A08032MM

Flood Combat Form [Rare] — A10052MM, A09032MM, A09032MM

Stealth Black EVA Spartan [Ultra Rare] — A11052MM, A12032MM

Half Active Camo Red Spartan [Mystery Figure #2] — A14032MM

Blue Active Camo Spartan A15032MM

Halo Mega Bloks Series 5.5 mystery bag