Happy Wars How to get free happy ticketsHappy Wars How to Get Free Happy Tickets

Looking to get a hand up in Happy Wars! Then you need Happy Tickets and lots of them.  Initially you start off with 88 Happy Tickets DON’T WASTE THEM!!!!

Important things to know

  • Beserker mode/class is unlocked for free at level 18 so don’t waste your tickets
  • Weapons and shields are the 2 most important pieces of equipment.  Only spent Happy Tickets on these Happy Packs
  • Complete Missions to get more Free Happy Tickets
  • Login during special Event to Happy Wars to Get Free Happy Tickets
  • Login every day to complete in the Treasure Map and have a chance to Win Free Happy Tickets

Once you get to the 3rd set of Missions that are available you will start to receive specialty class stickers and additional missions that give you Free Happy Tickets – 5 at a time.  This sums up the ways to get Happy Tickets besides purchasing them of course.  If you find any other great hints on How to Get Free Happy Tickets leave a comment and I will update the post.