Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

I have had this bike for over 2 weeks now with no issues.  For the price that I paid, about $100 with free shipping I couldn’t be happier.  Pedaling on the bike is very smooth.  The seat adjusts very high in case you are tall like I am at 6′ 4” and would probably fit someone 6′ 6” with leg room and not having to worry about hitting your knees on the handle bars.  The seat which was talked about a lot in the Amazon reviews is very stiff and will make you sore after riding it for about 10 minutes.  You can of course power through this.

Assembly of the Mag Cycle

“Some assembly required” Assembly took slightly less than an hour to put this bike together.  It comes in a small rectangular box that weights about 40lbs and resembles an IKEA box.  There are only several main pieces to the bike with the center housing already assembled.  I would say the hardest part of putting it together was the tension rod and even then that only took around 5 minutes of messing with it.  I have thought about switching the handle bars facing the other direction after using them as they don’t feel nature.  That could be something I do in the future as it is only held on by 2 bolts.

Quality of the Mag Cycle

For only $100 I don’t think you could buy another bike that would beat this.  The medal is all very think gauge and quality and won’t be bending out of shape any time soon.  The seat could use an upgrade.  I saw that someone suggested wrapping a towel around it and I might give that a try.  Peddling is very smooth and it offers good resistance without tweaking it.  I assume you can adjust the tension rod running through it and tighten it down more to make it have more resistance.  The digital display/readout is okay it tracks several things at once and not more then you could ask for at the price.  I like it for the timer!

For the price of this Upright Mag Cycle I don’t think you can find anything better

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    Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Specifics

  • Upright exercise bike with smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 8 levels of preset resistance accommodates several fitness levels
  • Large console display tracks time, distance, speed, and calories burned
  • Counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps; transport wheels
  • Measures 31.5 x 48.75 x 18 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 43 pounds


Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review 1Getting fit at home has never been easier with the Marcy magnetic upright exercise bike. The cycle offers a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system, with eight levels of preset resistance to accommodate several fitness levels. It’s also easy to track your workout progress thanks to the large console display, which tracks your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. And to ensure maximum comfort while you ride, the bike includes a unique seat that’s height adjustable to match different body types and sizes. Other features include foam padded grips, a durable powder-coated finish, counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps, and transport wheels for easy mobility. The upright bike measures 31.5 by 48.75 by 18 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 43 pounds.

Product Description

Marcy upright exercise bike has a compact design and smooth magnetic resistance. The user friendly computer tracks, speed, time, distance and calories burned. The bike also feature eight preset manual resistance levels and a step through design.
See Youtube video of Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Here