Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar Review

If you are looking for better security in your house this $20 security bar might be your ticket.  We recently purchased to of these one for our front door and one for our back door.  Ordered on Amazon they came rather quick from the supplier about 4 days or so.  They are made out of 20 gauge steel which is semi thick metal and will hold up most likely until your door is knocked down or the handle of your door breaks.  I had my girlfriend unlock our door and place the bar into place which  you need to set by kicking it in with your foot so it doesn’t move.  I had to really put my shoulder into the door and it still wouldn’t move. If I would have tried any harder it would have been an issue of what broke first the door, door handle, or security bar.  It’s stopping power is rather strong.  As you can see in the video it works better if you don’t have a door handle that is tall.  The bar has several locking holes about 30 to set the height of it.  Once you start to extend it to far though it does become wobbly in the collar of the security bar and can knock it’s self loose and fall into it’s self.  The quality of the security collar is the only item in this product that I don’t like as it is a cheap plastic and falls out of place to often when the bar is extended near the top.  If you are using this bar for a taller door handle I would recommend checking the security collar every time that you set it and pressing it down.

After having these security bars for 2 weeks now we feel a lot more secure then regular locks on our door knowing that anyone can pick a lock in a minute or use a bump key and instantly get into your house.  If nothing else we would hear anyone who has to knock the door down to get in.

 Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar Review 3Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar Qualities

  • Dual-function door and patio door security bar
  • Improves security on hinged and sliding doors
  • Rugged 20-gauge steel construction to withstand more than 350 pounds of force
  • Includes one security bar that adjusts to fit most standard doors
  • Weighs only one pound

Versatile Design for Sliding and Hinged Doors
Whether you use the Security Bar for sliding-door or hinged-door applications, you can rest assured that the bar’s design features are optimized to keep you and your family safe.

For hinged doors, the bar features a pivoting ball joint that keeps it in full contact with the floor, providing a more stable and secure connection. Simply place the padded foot against your floor, and wedge the specially designed non-marring yoke beneath your door handle. The foot will give the bar a tight grip against your floor, and because both the foot and the yoke are padded, your floor and door handle will remain unmarred, even with everyday use.

To secure a sliding door, simply turn the bar on its side, remove the yoke by pulling out the pin, and adjust the bar to the length of your door. Once properly adjusted, the bar will create a firm seating between the door and jamb, ensuring that no one can enter the door from the outside. The Dual Function Security Bar is designed to fit most sliding doors.

Master Lock Durability
The Dual Function Security Bar is made of thick, 20-gauge steel for strength. Backed by Master Lock’s reputation for security and durability, the bar can withstand over 350 pounds of force. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

About Master Lock
Master Lock is recognized around the world as the solid, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Generations have grown up with Master Lock products at home, school and work. Today, a whole new generation has discovered Master Lock’s new and innovative security solutions.

As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, Master Lock continues to build quality and value into its expanding lines of security products. Long a leader in the sportsman, home and yard, school, and commercial markets, Master Lock has also entered the automotive, computer and security markets. As safety and security gain importance with the world’s consumers, Master Lock continues to develop products that offer smart security solutions.

Founded in 1921, Master Lock continues to build upon its founder’s spirit of innovation, quality, and good value for the consumer.

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