Review of PS3Review of PS3
After having owned a PS3 for several years form right as they were released to the public I can say I have only played 1 game.  That game was Star Wars Force Unleased.  It was a great experience and from everything I know about the PS3 vs Xbox if I wasn’t set on earning Xbox Live achievements I would much rather use a PS3.
The PS3 has much better hardware from everything that I have read and specifically I bought it so that I could use it as a blue ray player and that is where I have enjoyed the majority of the use.  The PS3 is so easy to update and watch movies one and it has not given me the RROD once unlike my xbox which I am practically on my 4th system.  Being on my fourth system I can see while all the reports show that Microsoft is always leading in selling consoles.  You can read my upcoming article about the new slim xbox as I have just purchased the new Halo 4 Xbox which is amazing so far.
I have always had a joy for video games and have recently read some great reviews about the game Journey for the PS3 which I will be trying out shortly and will leave a review on.  It sounds like a great game where you are able to travel the world and explore and also run into other people who are online.
The PS3 is also great with its bluetooth technology.  I recently bought a new headset from Turtle Beach the X-rays and how nice it would of been to have bluetooth on my xbox to instantly connect them instead if I want that option I have to dish out an additional 30 dollars.  Something that comes standard in PS3.  Same with the wireless, everything seems included for the PS3 where as I bought the N wireless receiver when I had the Modern Warefare 2 xbox and it cost me 100 dollars and was unable to connect to the N network even do to a firm ware issue.  Which when I googled many people had run into the same issue and there was no solution too as it wasn’t possible to flash new firmware onto the wireless receiver.
The one thing that always brings me back to the xbox over the PS3 though is the xbox live community.  I have had my group of friends on their for over 6 years now and its hard to want to play a new system and restart all those relations on a new console.
This just makes me hope when the Xbox 720 comes out that is the best next generation console as is the PS3 currently!