Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life issues and fixes

A detailed tutorial on how to help conserve battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4. This will show you these several items in steps throughout the video

1. How to turn off devices such as wireless, bluetooth, and GPS

2. Create an active apps widget as background apps will consume a lot of battery life especially if you are not using them.

Step 1: Drag down the menu on your phone which will allow you to turn off devices such as GPS, Wifi, or Bluetooth. If you are not currently using these items they will drain your battery considerably.  Wifi on when not on your home network or connected to a network really drains your battery as it is constantly searching for networks and trying to connect to open ones.

Step 2:  Navigate to your widgets panel to create an active applications icon on one of your home screens.  This can be accomplished by clicking on the bottom left of your phone and choosing the top icon.  Then navigate to widgets and it will be found on the first page.  Click and hold to place it on one of your home pages.  From here open all your active applications.  This will show you all apps running on your phone.  End all applications on your phone that you are not using as they will run in the background and consume battery life even if you don’t have them open.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. 

Link to Video on how to Extend your Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery LifeSamsung Galaxy S4 how to extend your battery life