SHOULD YOU BUY REFURBISHED ELECTRONICSLooking to buy a new computer or how about a TV?  Both of these items will end up making a pretty good dent in your wallet one way or another.  Have you thought about refurbished items?

Having purchased several certified refurbished electronics from the manufacturer I couldn’t be more happy to take these highly discounted items off of their hands.


I would recommend sticking with certified manufacturer refurbished products instead of just refurbished products from a third party.

Reasons to buy refurbished:

  • PRICE!!!! Besides buying products second hand this is one of the cheapest ways to get new technology
  • The company has gone through the product a second time and done a more thorough quality inspection 

Reasons not to buy refurbished:

  • Not getting a new item as someone else had it before you
  • Your product could potentially have additional issues if the company doesn’t do thorough testing
  • Limited warranties on products from the manufacturer

These are the things that I think of when I am thinking about buying a refurbished product. Hopefully this helps you in your decision.