Walking Dead Questions

 Walking Dead Questions

Have you been watching Walking Dead and been having lots of questions?  Like how many stupid people can there be and why are the stupid ones the only ones left alive?

Here are some of the Walking Dead Questions I keep having every episode and a zillion on each specific episode.


  • Why is everyone infected with the zombie virus
  • Season 1 it shows the Mega Research facility.  Are there more of those how did it get over run? It was like a fortress.
  • Why is everyone so stupid?
  • How do the zombies sneak up on people and all the sudden there are 30 zombies around them?  I have seen it several times where all the sudden … MAGIC and BAM 5 zombies from no where.
  • Nothing better then seeing Zombies sneak up on people in the forest on crunching leaves in the dead silence and they are like WOW WTF how did this happen?
  • How do the zombies ever catch anyone as they are the slowest thing ever?
  • Do zombies eat a person when they catch them or just bite them a few times to turn them into zombies?
  • Do zombies only like the brains.
  • How did Hershel not turn into a zombie when it was in his blood stream and it took them a full minute to even get to the point of cutting his leg off.
  • What are the herds of zombies and where do they come from.
  • Are zombies only attracted to smell …if covered in zombie blood they could care less.
  • Why is every single zombie have a head as soft as a rotten pumpkin

Walking Dead Questions about the Prison:

  • Why don’t they kill all the zombies surrounding the prison as it takes them literally 5 seconds per zombie shoving a metal pole through their head.
  • Why don’t they clear the whole jail cell out of zombies instead of being surprised around every corner
  • Why don’t they tie jawless zombies to the fence to keep other zombies away
  • What is it that makes people turn ….. a scratch or a bite or blood …. they never explain

What other Walking Dead Questions do you have that make this show seem so unrealistic and dumb?