Halo 4 Controller

Halo 4 Controller Review

Plan on playing Halo 4?  Really immerse yourself in the experience with the official Halo 4 controller!  The controller looks amazing with the UNSC graphics running across the face overlaying the clear casing.  This is a great collectors item if you enjoy collecting controllers and like to have them on display. I would recommend not even taking it out of the box than as it looks nice in the holder as you can see in the picture above.
I bought mine off of Amazon as it was $5 cheaper than any other place I looked.  Amazon is a great place if your a prime member with free 2 day shipping on most items and taxes in only some states.
The Halo 4 controller besides the visual effects and blue lighted ring in the center is exactly the same as any controller you could buy for the Xbox system.  It just happened to go with the Halo 4 console I bought so I had to complete the set!  You can read the review on that amazing console also on this site!
If you decide to buy the controller I hope you enjoy it as a fan of Halo 4!